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The Paw Print Series

This is a blog about dogs. We’ll just go ahead and say it. But, more particularly, this is a blog about the new Paw Prints series in the Darren Gygi Home Collection. People just love their pets, (#dogmom is a thing!), and we’ve considered adding dog artwork to our collection for years. The only problem is that there are SO. MANY. BREEDS. Where do you even begin?

Our Top 12 Breeds

According to the World Canine Organization, aka the FCI (a French organization) there are 340 breeds of dogs. To paint 340 breeds would take Darren, the artist, 7 years. And that’s IF he ONLY painted dogs for the Darren Gygi Home Collection. So, obviously that’s a no-go. So we got creative, and decided to start with 12 dogs – 6 little dogs and 6 big dogs. How did we choose? Well, these 12 dogs are some of the most popular dog breeds in America. It’s likely that your favorite is on this list! But, if not, maybe they’ll make it the next time around.

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So, who are these lucky breeds in the “who’s who” of the Darren Gygi Home Collection Paw Prints series? The following dogs are available in five different sizes in our gallery-wrapped canvas art prints!

Introducing, in no particular order:

The French Bulldog

French BulldogThis little darling, also called a Frenchie, is known for being easygoing, bright, and patient. And so cute! A darling dog for your decor – whether you actually have one for a pet or not!



The Husky

HuskyHe might look intense, but the Husky is known for being very friendly! With his beautiful grays and whites, the Husky gallery-wrapped canvas print is a perfect edition to a neutral home or cabin!


The Golden Retriever

RetrieverThe Golden Retriever is known for his reliability and trustworthiness. And this amber-colored dog artwork from the Darren Gygi Home Collection seems to perfectly highlight those traits.


The Beagle

BeagleFun fact:  Darren Gygi had a Beagle when he was a boy! Beagles have a reputation for being determined and excitable and Darren’s dog was no different! They opened the front door, and Casey was off to find something to hunt! (In fact, doesn’t the Beagle in this painting look like he’s ready to go?)


The Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire TerrierBold and independent, this cute little pup is just so appealing! This cuddly canine canvas would be perfect in a playroom or bedroom.


The Dachsund

The Dachshund is playful, clever, and stubborn. Have a dachshund? He might be a fun playmate, but he might also outsmart you!


The King Charles Cavalier Spaniel

Corgi and King CharlesThis breed is known for being affectionate and loving, happy and gentle. And beautiful! Just look at how regal that dog looks in this giclee canvas print, (if we do say so ourselves)!


The German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is a curious, obedient, and courageous guard dog. We definitely wouldn’t want to cross one of them, but a German Shepherd canvas print would bring a little gravity to your decor.


The Yellow Labrador

LabradprThis lovable Lab is the most popular breed of dog worldwide! Perhaps it’s because he’s kind, agile, intelligent, and gentle. And, with his perpetual smile, he just looks so friendly!


The Welsh Corgi

Corgi and King CharlesLittle, but bold, the Welsh Corgi is tenacious, protective, and so dang cute! The Darren Gygi Home Collection perfectly captured the Corgi’s cuteness in this artwork print.


The Chihuahua

This darling doggie is quick and lively, and looks a little mischievous. This canine canvas print will fit perfectly in your space if you’ve got a Chihuahua in your life!


The Boxer

The Boxer is fearless, yet calm – this makes him a guard dogs who doesn’t bark excessively. Perhaps it’s that combination of traits that makes him such a popular choice for a pet – and such a beautiful piece of art.

Well, there you have it. The 12 dogs of the Paw Prints Series! We love this dog artwork so much, we’re sure that you’ll find a spot for one in your décor – even if you don’t have one for a pet!