30 /05
What To Get “Dear Old Dad”?

Father’s Day is coming up and you’re wondering what to get Dad this year. You’d like to avoid the catastrophe of last year’s forgetful behavior and last minute mug purchase, and we feel you!  Read below as we give you the options you need to get Dad the best gift ever! The most important thing to remember…

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10 /05
One Print Set Used 4 Different Ways

At the Darren Gygi Home Collection, we love our art, obviously, but the number one thing we love most is how versatile it is! We cater to customers all over the United States—with all sorts of decorating styles. And, with the Darren Gygi Home Collection, we have pieces that will work with ALL of them….

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3 /04
Hippity Hoppity Easter Tablescapes

There are many reasons why Easter is one of our favorite holidays, but #1 is that we absolutely love decorating for Easter: spring flowers, spring colors, and the smell of a new season in the air.  What could be better? We know that one important part of your Easter holiday is going to be that…

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2 /12
Part III: Ask Dr. Darren*

Dr. Darren* has lots of holiday tips and tricks! Read his column to learn how to enhance your Christmas season! Dr. Darren, I’ve got a huge group of people coming for a dinner party in December. I really need to impress these people! What should I cook? —Melinda DeHart, Paris, ID Melinda, are you ready for…

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14 /11
The Survivor's Guide to Pinterest Fall Decor

Admit it. We won’t judge. You’ve fallen victim to the Pinterest trap, haven’t you? You start out thinking, “I need a turkey recipe for Thanksgiving dinner” and the next thing you know, you emerge blinking in your now-dark living room three hours later. You’ve got a dozen tabs open, six new boards (four public and…

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8 /07
Part II: Ask Dr. Darren*

* Although Darren has no medical degree whatsoever, he considers his initials (D.R. Gygi) to give him all the authority he needs to be an expert on just about everything! Dr. Darren, all of your artwork in the Home Collection is so great, I’m having a hard time deciding what to buy. Is there any of it…

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17 /06
The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Bathroom Decor

What’s the first place you visit in the morning and the last one you leave at night? Yep, we’re talking about the baño, the porcelain throne, the commode. Today, it’s all about bathroom décor and wall art. Since the bathroom is so small and has only a select few uses, it’s easy to dismiss when you’re…

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25 /05
5 Rules to Break with Gallery Wall Decor

Yes, “gallery wall” does have the word “gallery” in it, but that doesn’t mean your home has to look like a museum. Skip the identical picture frames that every home in the ’80s had and mix up your look with an eclectic mix of coordinating (or even mismatched!) frames instead. Perfectly matching frames are a…

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20 /04
The Lazy Girl's Guide to Kitchen Decor

For some people, home is where the heart is, where memories are created, or where love resides. But for us at the Darren Gygi Home Collection, home is where the WiFi connects automatically and the fridge is full of enough snacks to get us through a Netflix marathon. Which is why your kitchen needs to…

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13 /04
Ask Dr. Darren*

  Dr. Darren, I like your Home Collection a lot, but I wonder what your pieces would look like without the text on top.  –Cynthia Graves, Vacaville, CA Cynthia, they’d look real bad without text, that’s how they’d look.  No, really, I like the text on each picture—it’s something that sets us apart from other…

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