Versatility is endless

Until now, homeowners typically purchased a single, expensive piece of artwork to hang prominently over a couch or mantel. Cost and size kept the art on the wall for years and years, even when it went out of style.

The Darren Gygi Home Collection changes all that. Now, stunning artwork is affordable enough to purchase for every room, season, style, and holiday. Creative combinations are limitless as you mix and match from the various sets and sizes.

Darren Gygi’s durable artwork is available for the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, cabin, lodge, office, boy's room, or girl's room––basically every living space imaginable. And because Gygi offers artwork that is perfect for Christmas decor, Halloween, harvest, sports, nautical, western, lakeside, flowers, foods, culinary, rustic, or farmhouse styles, you’ll enjoy decorating your space every day of the year.

Here's where the fun really begins! Hang them on the wall, lean them on a shelf, display them on an easel or plate rack, cluster them with your favorite tchotchkes in a vignette, or string a ribbon through the hanging comb on the back.

Take advantage of the three available sizes to make your décor stand out. Try pairing smaller pieces on either side of a larger central image, creating a grid of pieces in a coordinating theme, or designing an all-Gygi gallery wall.

Any direction your creativity goes, you can't go wrong with the Darren Gygi Home Collection!

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