Home Collections

In 2009, after a dozen years of illustration, portraiture, and gallery painting, Darren Gygi set out to create affordable artwork reproductions that would retain his own high standard of quality. Gygi not only creates the original artwork, but—from the outset—also created his own production company that can effectively focus on delivering the very best reproductions of his artwork––no sending the production work over to China! Darren was determined to create a product that he would be proud to put his name on and remains involved in the day-to-day production of the artwork––which is all proudly made in the USA. The beauty of the artwork, coupled with the unsurpassed quality of the product have made the Darren Gygi Home Collection an absolute customer favorite. Now, Darren Gygi’s home decor paintings have daringly emerged as fine artwork filled with boldness, flair, and––most importantly––vivid expression. Clearly the best home decor artwork available anywhere.